Imag Kennels, home of the rare Japanese Spitz breed. Puppies and Stud dog


    In 2000 I became interested in the JS and started to do research on-line. Became acquainted with JS fanciers across the world via the Internet. I put off for about a year having one. I encountered my first spitz here in California and I fell in love. This is how Magic came to live with my family. I expanded my lines during a backpacking trip to New Zealand. I had the opportunity to meet with the women who run the Beyond Kennel. I have since imported three dogs from New Zealand, Teka from Beyond and Masako and Deeva from the Mondial lines (they are litter sisters).

    I am attracted to the breed do to their mellow nature, playfulness, soft fur and wonderful personality. They are wonderful around all people, children, other animals, good watch dogs. They smile and are so much fun. They are a lot like cats, independent, but love to be cuddled. Mine even sit on the back of the couch and look out the window.

    The main reason I enjoy this breed so much is for the benefits they give to myself and others. I am a therapist by trade and I have started the process of training the dogs towards pet therapy. Teka was certified in 12/06 through ADI (Asst Dog Institute, in Santa Rosa, Ca). He can now come to work with me in a hospital setting. He has done wonders for patients, staff and doctors. The unconditional love of animals makes a big difference in the work setting.




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