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  We are convinced that we could not have received a better puppy into our home.  He is getting along with everyone.  He is house trained and sleeps all night (could we begin to ask for more?).  He loves to play and go for walks with the dogs next door.  Of course, he is admired by anyone that happens to catch a glimpse of him out of the corner of their eye.  He is also doing well in puppy training.  He has got down "sit", "down", "up", "stay", "over", and "speak".  We are working on "quiet", "roll over", and "come".  He's a quick learner.  We are truly blessed to have him join our family and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  He does not replace my beloved Mercedes Kitty, but he certainly does fill the big hole in my heart for that special animal companion.  I know you, being an animal lover, can understand.  Thanks again, and enjoy the pictures.

Michelle Koewler


Len Len

I wanted to let you know that Len Len is doing fine.  She enjoys the condo at Park City and enjoys her home in Cernterville.  She has a lot of dog friends to socialize with and is going through obedience classes.  She is the star of the class since she is so smart.  She will graduate next week Thursday.  Her instructor really likes her and she is the same one that instructed my other two dogs.
Please feel free to let me know when you come to visit Utah and I would love for her to see you again!
Take care,  Michele

Look who's earned her CGC at 10 months of age!  Very proud moment indeed, what a great accomplishment... Len Len in her new CGC vest



The Dunsmores in Salt Lake City, Utah


Lives in Southern California.
She is from IMag's very first litter!
Parents: Magic and Teka!



Loving life in Sacramento w/ his family!


Enjoying the waves in the Caribbean!


Has many adventures in Massachuetts


With her new family who live in


Freezing in Edmonton, Canada


Bossing his boys around in Petaluma, CA


Is the man of the house in Santa Rosa, CA


Living with her dad in Washington D.C.
Not so sure she's enjoying that snow but she is loving her daddy!



from our first litter, he was the runt! Living in Watertown, WI


from 2010 litter living it up in Santa Rosa, CA (pix coming soon).




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